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    What’s new? - We added support for older Windows 10 versions, with our driver, and installer. - SpyShelter now handles Trusted Microsoft Publishers in a slightly different way. Please let us know in the forum if you notice any issues. - SpyShelter now has a new startup animation. - When you turn on "Do not disturb" a counter will appear to let you know how much time is available until that mode ends.
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    What’s new? The SpyShelter Graph and Terminal keep tabs on when your processes are stopping and starting. The Activity tab shows all your active processes and allows you to search them, and sort them different ways. Click an app icon to see details about it, and terminate it, or make new rules. The Rules tab makes it easy to set up POWERFUL Application Control rules for your Windows apps, or publishers. The Protection tab shows off SpyShelter’s other new major features, like built-in Threat Detection (with auto-quarantine), our new protection modes, like Paranoid, Suspicious, or Easy. Now SpyShelter gives you useful Insights about what different executables do on your PC. Click an icon of an app to see! Screenshot Protection is easily accessible from the Protection tab, or by right clicking our Windows tray icon. Turn it on when banking or dealing with sensitive work data. SpyShelter’s powerful Events, keep track of any executable-related changes on your PC. Go to SpyShelter’s settings to run our app completely from the Windows Terminal! Prefer a dark mode? Go to our settings and switch on our “Cyberpunk Dark” skin. Yes, we know Keyboard Encryption isn’t back yet… but we’re working hard to bring it back as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience! We apologize for the lack of localization (different languages) as we work to bring it back.
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    12.9 · SpyShelter

    Signing certificate update for our anti-spyware and anti-keylogger app.