NoBot is a simple Anti-Spyware/Malware tool. NoBot Targets Bots, RATS, Miners, Keyloggers, And More!
Reporting any bugs to me will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

• Memory Scanning
• Registry Scanning
• Scan Hidden Startup Items
• Scan Individual Files
• Scan Scheduled Startup Tasks
• Module Injection Scanning
• VirusTotal File Analysis
• VirusTotal File Submission
• Detect Suspicious File Paths
• File Ignore/Exception Manager
• Quarantine Manager
• Scan Logs
• Automatic Updates
• Light-weight
• Fast Scanning
• Portable


- Detection -
NoBot, like many Spyware/Malware applications uses something called a "Signature" to help identify specific spyware/malware. However NoBot more so focuses on Heurstics scanning methods for it's detection. This is very useful when detecting newly/commonly relased "FUD" (Fully Undetected) Spyware/Malware.

- False Positives -
False Positives are prone to popup such as Utorrent, BitTorrent, etc..
If you know the file is legitimate of course just ignore it by adding the file to your Ignore/Exception list within nobot.
You can also report false positives by contacting us.

- About RansomWare Infections CrytpoLocker, CrytoWall, etc -
NoBot may be able to detect and remove some ransomware however it cannot 
decrypt or restore your files after being encrypted.

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Created on 26 November 2016
Last update 06 March 2019
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