Version Size Added on Downloads
Release 1.6.4 5.85 MB 1,604
  • MD5 · d67f358e5f7fbdf6c427bb03e32c6464
  • SHA1 · 0edccba45388b287b40ce6fbdf4a3b30c5a03766
  • SHA256 · 2789f1e3c11b6695e476779e9d92f0b9f4c652095715ddefe0c3426f6b505087
-Some small bugs were fixed. -New themes were added. -A Widget was added to the booster at the request of a user. (activated in the upper right part of the booster). A weight limit is established for the application. (currently weighs 6mb), but StrelyCleaner will never weigh more than 10mb.