USB File Resc v14What is USB File Resc?

USB File Resc is a small but powerful disinfection tool against the Direct Access virus hosted on Removable Disk drives. Not only is it capable of removing the virus from your USB stick, it also permanently removes the virus from your infected computer, preventing the virus from infecting other USB sticks.

You don't need to know programming to get rid of the virus, or memorize the "ATTRIB" code. With a few steps you can clean your USB memory much faster and easier.

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Instructions for use:

USB File Resc

Step 1.- Run the USB File Rescue software. (Preferably in Administrator Mode)

USB File Resc

Step 2.- Choose and place the letter of the Removable Disk in the Program. (In my case it is the letter J.)

USB File Resc

Step 3.-Place the letter J in the USB File Resc program.

USB File Resc

Step 4.- Press "Enter".

First, USB File Resc scans your computer, looking for processes and malicious files that are responsible for generating new shortcuts.

USB File Resc

Then, USB File Resc will go to your Removable Disk (USB) and disinfect it, eliminating Hot Keys and hidden viruses in folders like Trashes or Recycler.

USB File Resc

USB File Resc

Step 5.- Ready!. USB File Resc will have done all the work. Goodbye to viruses !, Your computer will have been disinfected and ready to go on with everyday life.


USB File Resc is committed to being up to date against the new threats that shortcuts generate, but we need the help of the general public to know what types of threats are giving you Headache and problems disinfecting your computer.

If for some reason USB File Resc does not work on your computer, perhaps for having a new virus, program errors or for some strange reason, do not hesitate to contact us.

USB File Resc Error


What types of virus Removes USB File Resc?

Each time USB File Resc becomes more powerful, in each version we are adding new types of viruses. Here is the list of all viruses with USB File Rescue account

1.- 18356update.vbs  59656update.vbs 43312update.vbs 70692update.vbs 99357update.vbs 18356update.vbs 99357update.vbs 99357update.vbs 35566update.vbs 45141update.vbs  40263update.vbs

2.- Removable Disk (1gb) Removable Disk (2gb) Removable Disk (4gb) Removable Disk (8gb) Removable Disk (16gb) Removable Disk (32gb)

3.- Drive.bat y 1.bat

 4.- AntiUsbShortCut AntiUSB AntiUSB.exe AntiShortCut AntiWorm AutoIt3.exe  My Pictures My Videos My Documents

5.- Ejecutables, New Folder.exe. *.exe.


7.-  my new photo edit photoshop.wsf, Download film.wsf, IMG-1750.wsf, new_photo_today.wsf, download film.wsf, new photo today.wsf, Mervy-CanadaPhotos.wsf, Download film.wsf, IMG-1337.wsf.

8.- Device Manager.exe, winmgr.exe

9.- BlackJocker-rad12345.rar, cpuage.tnt, cpufix.exe, cpuspeed.tnt, newcpuspeedcheck Copy.lnk, workers, cpuchecker.exe, cpuchecker32.exe, msvcr120_64.dll, msvcr120_86.dll, x32.bin, x64.bin.

10.- Files.bat


This is a program 100% free and free, we do not buy advertising, much less have a source of income, we do not belong to any company or have a service center, in fact, nor are we a group of people, it's just me, a single person who created this currently famous tool called USB File Resc. Maybe simple but very effective. 150kb was enough to kill those viruses that cause you anger and harass, compared to 60mb heavy antivirus that do not eliminate anything and turn your PC into a turtle.

Your donation would help me a lot to keep updating and improving the program. What you like.




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"zuck my d***, virus! $$$"

usb file resc

usb file resc


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