Version Size Added on Downloads
Release 8.5 33.93 MB 427
  • MD5 · 2e2b3008e70b0c18c5fe1a364c5d10b6
  • SHA1 · 7f1d9ea687c908cd2b1ace101fb50709b9ef8c31
  • SHA256 · aefe59f395b67164980078a0d238d0f74c2c14f454ea485c90376213073f7bcd
* Support the preview of 70 kinds of files. * Bug fix for Free Edition shows files recovered in total exceeds 1GB. * Bug fix for Free Edition shows negative values in "free quota left". * Bug fix for Free Edition is unable to recover files that will not break the 1GB limit. * Bug fix for allowing software uninstallation during the recovery process which further lead to data loss.