Locating items on the desktop and pinpointing their exact position is a simple task if you have at your disposal the appropriate software. In case you do not need a caliper and other kind of similar utilities that may seem a bit complicated to use, there are some alternatives that will make it possible for you to view the precise coordinates of any spot on your screen

One such application is WG Coordinate Finder and it comes in a lightweight package to help you nail each pixel if needed. A great thing about this software is the fact that you will not have to install it because it is able to run right out the box.

As soon as you hit the space bar, the numerical coordinates that define the vertical (y) and horizontal (x) points that correspond to the exact place where the cursor is resting.

Overall, WG Coordinate Finder can indeed be of great help, especially thanks to its ease of use, which makes it very well-suited for less experienced users. It also very appropriate for anyone who wants to get things done fast, without losing any time with software installations and configurations.

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