1. New: capture photo of intruder.
    2. A flexible WebCam component captures a series of pictures from a camera and sends them via e-mail.
    3. Auto lock after waking up from computer sleep mode.
    4. Improved the lock screen design.
    5. Fixed a lot of small bugs.
    1. Added German language.
    2. Updated multi-language installer.
    3. Fixed a lot of small bugs.
    1. New: Real-time Transparent Lock.
    2. Fixed small bugs.
    1. Support for high-resolution monitors.
    2. Auto/manual scaling up to 200%.
    3. Support auto switch from light to dark theme.
    4. Support Windows 11 2022.
    1. Compatibility with Windows 11.
    2. Windows 11 dark and light themes.
    3. Korean translation.
    4. New installer.
    5. Fixed a lot of small bugs.
    1. New Design.
    2. Added Actions: Executing proceseses, web request (for Premium).
    3. Added option to disable recommended offers.
    4. Added option to skip viewing log after unlocking.
    5. Fixed some bugs.
    1. Added new feature: a visual indicator of the current status of Remote Desktop Services protection. Quick options to protect against BlueKeep/DejaBlue exploits.
    2. Added Russian Translation.
    3. Fixed some bugs.
    • Created Premium version.
    • Fixed some bugs.
  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Desktop Secret Lock adds an additional level of security to your computer or remote desktop server.

    • For home or office PC:
      you will know if anyone makes a mouse click or presses any key on your PC.
    • For remote server:
      If you use Windows RemoteDesktop/TeamViewer/Anydesk software for remote control, your system is under risk! Hackers may use vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop software or discover a password through a brute-force attack.

    Desktop Secret Lock uses a non-standard locking method for enhanced security, and its own unique password which is separate from your computer’s password.

    A locked computer looks like it’s unlocked, but it is in a mode which securely prevents anyone from accessing the working desktop.

    You will be notified if someone has clicked on your desktop or pressed any key in your absence.