1. Compatibility with Windows 11.
    2. Windows 11 dark and light themes.
    3. Korean translation.
    4. New installer.
    5. Fixed a lot of small bugs.
    1. New Design.
    2. Added Actions: Executing proceseses, web request (for Premium).
    3. Added option to disable recommended offers.
    4. Added option to skip viewing log after unlocking.
    5. Fixed some bugs.
    1. Added new feature: a visual indicator of the current status of Remote Desktop Services protection. Quick options to protect against BlueKeep/DejaBlue exploits.
    2. Added Russian Translation.
    3. Fixed some bugs.
    • Created Premium version.
    • Fixed some bugs.
  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Desktop Secret Lock adds an additional level of security to your computer or remote desktop server.

    • For home or office PC:
      you will know if anyone makes a mouse click or presses any key on your PC.
    • For remote server:
      If you use Windows RemoteDesktop/TeamViewer/Anydesk software for remote control, your system is under risk! Hackers may use vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop software or discover a password through a brute-force attack.

    Desktop Secret Lock uses a non-standard locking method for enhanced security, and its own unique password which is separate from your computer’s password.

    A locked computer looks like it’s unlocked, but it is in a mode which securely prevents anyone from accessing the working desktop.

    You will be notified if someone has clicked on your desktop or pressed any key in your absence.