I burned the ISO yesterday to enable me to access two 8TB drives that I had just bought for my offline Windows XP system, and it worked perfectly.

However, I was concerned about how long it took from selecting DVD boot to seeing the desktop: 5 minutes 20 seconds!

Is there anything that can be done to reduce this to a reasonable level?

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It all depends on the rig. HDD's are not known to be the fastest at boot times, especially if the system is Windows XP, quite a legacy system right now. Not really sure. If you PC specs are good, then you shouldn't have such long boot times, unless your HDD's are really slow. Did you notice anything else during the boot? Is your WinXP iso image clean? If you got it from a third party, I wouldn't be surprised if it contained additional programs that can extend the boot time. I assume you are not running it on a VM or emulated in some way?

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Thanks for your reply.

Not sure I understand the relevance of  HDD speed. And anyway my disk boot times are OK. Also I don't have a WinXP ISO but a Windows XP system. And no VM is involved.

Maybe I wasn't clear.

I have a Windows XP system and two 8TB disk drives which XP doesn't support. To solve this problem I got the Win10PESE ISO from ToolsLib, burned it to DVD and booted from that DVD (which enabled me to access the 8TBs), so it was the DVD boot that took 5:20..

Are you suggesting I boot from the ISO itself on disk? If so, I don't know how to do that.

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Since you're booting from a DVD, the 5 minutes boot time seems reasonable. When you boot from this kind of support/device, a lot of things are loaded in the RAM itself. It also depends on the max speed provided by your disk reader.

Are you suggesting I boot from the ISO itself on disk? If so, I don't know how to do that.

JW01, 2017-08-16 14:20:15 (UTC)

I'm pretty sure it isn't doable.


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The only way you can boot from the disk itself is through PXE and network booting (Advanced Windows Server things :) ). Any other way is impossible. Ah yes, good point covering RAM totally went out of my head. In general, this seems more like some specific hardware issue than anything else.