Hi there, 

I just have some questions about your program. 

1: Does AdsFix have a pause button? During the analyzing sequence it took over 4 hours to scan (and that was at 57%), I didn't expect it to go for so long. 

2: When I pressed escape on the keyboard; when it was analyzing, the computer froze up and windows was seizing. Followed by a frozen screen and I had to hard reset the computer. When I came back things weren't as they used to be. I saw during the scan that around 25 files were deleted. I wonder if these were actually malicious files or they were classified as (PUP) Potentially Unwanted Program, either way I don't like files to be randomly deleted without my permission however I can understand if they needed to be deleted as soon as they were detected to be malicious. 

3: Is there a way to scan and clean specific drives? As I said in my first question, the scan was at 57% at the 4 hour mark. It gets pretty tiring waiting for it to slowly scan every single file on my system. 

4: As stated from my second question, some folders were deleted. If they were good files and were confirmed to be so, is there a way to restore them back to where they originated from? 

5: During the deletion of the 'Temp' Folder, do I need to be worried about data being deleted here? I understand what the temp folder is, however is it really necessary to delete every single thing inside of it? 

I can produce a log to show what transpired if you require. 


Fire Noodle

Re: General Question about AdsFix

Greetings. Please do paste the log. Also, weird reaction, it shouldn't take 4 hours for 50%. It could have been malware trying to prevent further execution of the software, had that happen before. And I am not sure if there is a way to recover your files, official representatives should comment on this matter.

Re: General Question about AdsFix

hello before using the tool it's good to read the informations and indications about it.

did you turn off your protections that could block the tool ?

it's possible to recover the files or registry keys in the options and selecting what you want to restore

What do you call 'good files deleted' ? windows' crack or something like this ? ^^ or a crapware or unwanted program ?