I have, and had have problem with a "virus". When I click on anything on my webscreen (on a link for example) so instead for the link I clicked on opens a new window that want to sell something or ad for something. Mostly it`s "Pc repair" it`s been around for sometimes now and it`s extremly annoying. And adware cleaner don`t do anything to stop or even reqognize this virus. Not only adaware, non of the software on this field of expertise could find it and destroy it. How come no anti-virus or antimalware company do anything to fix this? Are they involved economicly somehow?


And noone of the "fixes" that I could find online could fix it. Why is anti-virus companys so bad  on what they doing (find virus, bad ads and malware)


Is there someone that really knows how to get rid of this "Virus" or what to call it. I mean someone that REALLY know what to do?

Re: Adware Cleaner, Can It Really Stop Anything Except Healthy Software?

Hello Ethelena,

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Please answer the following questions in your reply.  First of all may I ask you what kind of

1)  anti virus software are you using? 

2)  What version Awd Cleaner are you using? 

3)  Do you have an ad blocking software installed on your computer? 

4)  Do you have PC Repair installed on your computer?

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