Would Xplode be interested in english translation of his applications?  I use this one alot at my job and I recommended this to a co-worker and he didn't want to use it because it was in french.

Took me a while to translate it / recompile it but I'm 90% done fixing it up in English.

Is this something you'd be interested in?  Here's a screenshot https://i.imgur.com/43eQYbE.png

Re: English translation


Sadly, WinUpdateFix is no longer being maintained by its author. :(

Re: English translation

Well if he's ever interested, I'm sure there are people including me that could takeover development of these projects and update/translate them.  Sad to see these popular apps not being developed anymore :(

If he or whoever is in charge of these applications is interested, I could work on them.  It's not like we even need the source code, it's all in the .exe.

Will he be mad if I release an english version of this program?  Not sure if you're in contact with him