I just spent the past 2 days trying to rid myself of a google chrome extension from hell, that AdwCleaner would delete & then it would miraculously reappear.   I finally stumbled upon a future/present? genius who realized that along with the amazing 35,000 bookmarks I have...the wonderful google servers will also sync malware...or remnants of deleted extensions. Please (please!) help save others some of the precious time that they have left in this life, by giving them a heads-up when chrome extensions won't go away...They only need to reset sync in their google account section, sign out of google on all of their devices...use your wonderful software to delete the offending extensions and then restart, login, re-sync, & just like that...Bob's your uncle!  Here's the link to the answer!topic/chrome/gdH6alsVzVE.


Re: Chrome Extensions That Won't Go Away :(


Thank you for the tip !