Dear all,

I have used Adware clean up tool several times, but now It is not removing DNSUnlocker anymore. ADware solution used to last at least a month before DNS Unlocker appered again, but now it appear all the time. Everytime I click in a new tab a page opens. It is running my experience in chrome. Does anyone has any way to solve this issue?



Re: AdWare unable to clean DNSUnlocker


Did you use the latest release of AdwCleaner ? (v5.013)

Please download it, do a scan only and we'll check the results. Only after we'll do a clean if necessary.


Re: AdWare unable to clean DNSUnlocker

Can you find this adware on your Programs and Features? If you can see it there, you will be able to uninstall DNS Unlocker from your computer. And then you need to check if malicious browser extensions haven been added to your Chrome. You can get rid of it by following the removal guide in this post.