Re: Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

The fact that this is Spanish(Maybe?) makes it very VERY difficult to read.... Any way you could turn it into English? On the first glance noticed some things that MIGHT be potential issues, unsure, cause..... I am not yet used to reading the logs, and different language doesn't help the issue :)

JoshRoss, 2017-09-07 14:26:07 (UTC)

Of course sorry.

If you see something that is not translat...

Re: Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

Ports, applications, accessibility. Maybe your other device is used a lot less, you haven't messed with any ports or have any applications that require forwarding. Honestly, very weird issue, I would need to investigate the files. Can you scan your PC With Farbar MiniToolBox and Malwarebytes JRT? Post the logs that you get.

JoshRoss, 2017-09-06 13:16:38 (UTC)

MiniToolBox by Farbar  Version...

Re: PUP.Legacy.Optional


Don't panic, this is a classic "aggressive (scam) advertising" and a (real) false 'Zeus' alert! None zeus virus is present on your computer!

I've not seen yet MalwareBytes, ADWCleaner, HitmanPro, uBlock, adblock, a...

Re: Download and 3rd party providers

Not in particular. I was surfing other forums, Norton, Kaspersky and in general tech and cyber security forums, and a lot of people have installation issues. Even when downloading from your website and official sources. I have also read plenty of entries in this forum about people not being able to install the software properly

As for 3rd Party providers FileHippo??? uptodown? Cnet? Toms guide...

Re: AdwCleaner signature


Here is the logfile that was displayed:

== Scan for security software untrusted certificates | Support: <> == This software will look for known security vendor certificate in the Windows Untrusted Store and remove the legit ones. This should allow your security software to launch again properly.

========= 03D22C9C66915D58C88912B64C1F984B8344EF09 [!] F...

Re: A bug in Delfix

on DelFix by regist

Do you have an alternative?

YisroelTech, 2017-06-20 02:37:35 (UTC)

Yes, you have to think by yourself and not to use some strange tools. There are not too many tools used in curing that have a special option to clean itself. So in most cases its enough to simply delete its folder and there'll be no described here problems. Some of tools have its own unistaller like AdwCleaner (thou in last...

infected by reimage plus & pc optimizer pro, please disinfect windows 10 A.S.A.P.


i have some problems, and i'm 27 years old man,


i have some problems with my 2 computers and my external disks,

my configuration: pc 1: compaq desktop pc by hewlett packard, win 10 x64 upgraded from win 8 pc 2: Win 7 Starter Edition x32 Acer Aspire One laptop

Antivirus/firewall suite installed: pc 1: ad-aware total security pc 2: comodo internet security complete

then,: ---------...

menace trouvée: DrvAgent64.SYS - faux positif ?

depuis 8 jours AdwCleaner me signale deux menaces:


***** [ Services ] *****Service trouvé: DrvAgent64


***** [ Fichiers ] *****Fichier trouvé: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers\DRVAGENT64.SYS


-1-   une recherche dans System Lookup n'indique rien d'anormal:

Name Filename Description Status DrvAgent64 DrvAgent64.SYS Related to DrvAgent64.SYS DriverAgent Direct I/O for 64-bit Windows from P...

Re: Launchpage infection

# AdwCleaner v6.042 - Rapport créé le 18/01/2017 à 11:11:44 # Mis à jour le 06/01/2017 par Malwarebytes # Base de données : 2017-01-17.2 [Locale] # Système d'exploitation : Windows 7 Home Premium  (X64) # Nom d'utilisateur : PROPRIETAIRE - PROPRIETAIRE-PC # Exécuté depuis : C:\Users\PROPRIETAIRE\Desktop\InfoTech\adwcleaner.exe # Mode: Scan # Support :



Toolslib decided to remove my programs.

Sorry to anyone that has liked or used my programs in the past.

Toolslib has taken it upon themselves to remove all of my programs from their platforum. 

Have a wonderful day and best of luck in repairing your computer problems.

Best Regards,