Re: ADWCleaner deleted a folder it shouldn't

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I would highly recommend a few improvements that would have prevented or minimized the difficulties I experienced.

1. Display the Log File after the Scan is done, so that it's more obvious what was found before Cleaning starts. My Scan didn't find any "Services" to clean so my GUI didn't change. Even if a display had appeared to indicate I should check all tabs before Cleaning, I might have av...

Re: ADWCleaner deleted a folder it shouldn't

Logfiles are saved into C:\AdwCleaner as "AdwCleaner[CX].txt" where X is a number.

Moreover, can you also upload Quarantine.log. Then I'll be able to write you a script to restore all your files.



Re: ADWCleaner deleted a folder it shouldn't

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Hmm, okay so it sounded so simple.

Where can I find the Log File? That option is greyed out when I load ADWCleaner.

Also, I can't seem to copy lines from Quarantine. I can highlight lines individually, and I click on "ALL" lines, but can't seem to copy them.

And, FYI, there are thousands of individual files in Quarantine now. If I could restore the whole folder, it would be fast, but copying...

Re: ADWCleaner deleted a folder it shouldn't


Can you please provide us with AdwCleaner's logfile so that we will be able to remove it from the database or update our detections ?

You can write a script to restore many files at once. Just put one line per file to restore ( you can extract the lines from Quarantine.log file ) and use "Script" option in Quarantine manager. Put only the original location of each file in your script.


Apart from that

How to Remove LizardSales


%ProgramData%\Application Data\LizardSales %ProgramData%\LizardSales %AppData%\appdataFr2.bin %AppData%\appdataFr25.bin %AppData%\appdataFr3.bin


[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlag\Compatibility Assistant\Persisted] "C:\ProgramData\LizardSales\LizardSales.exe"


Re: ADWCleaner deleted a folder it shouldn't

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Also, is there a faster way to restore files from Quarantine? The Restore function is incredibly slow.

ADWCleaner deleted a folder it shouldn't

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I just ran ADWCleaner at the suggestion of the Reddit Techsupport forum, and it removed a very valuable folder.

I found the folder in Quarantine, but I feel that this needs to be looked at further.

The folder that was deleted was a save folder for a variety of modded Minecraft games. There is an online community on Reddit where these games are discussed, and a standalone Launcher that downloa...

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Absolument aucun probleme

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Excusez-moi du délai de ma réponse.

Pouvez-vous refaire un nettoyage ZHPFix avec le contenu suivant :

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