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voici le lien pour le Malwarebyte's Anti-Malwares , enesperant que ce soit le bon

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Bonsoir voici le lien ZHPfix report

Re: adwcleaner vers 5.0.3


I've updated the documentation accorded to your suggestion.

  • "Reset IPSec settings" : Reset IPSec settings. It's a protocol used to established encrypted connection between hosts. It can cause connection troubles due to specific malicious software.
  • "Reset BITS queue" : Empty the "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" queue. It's used to transfer files (like software or signatures u...

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Il y a effectivement plusieurs éléments à supprimer :


  1. Exécutez ZHPFix (l'icône doit être présente sur votre bureau)
  2. Cliquez sur "Importer"
  3. Collez dans la fenêtre le contenu suivant, puis cliquez sur GO
Script ZHPFix

G2 - GCE: Preference [User Data\Default] [lkadffjmnaiokkdncgdlecdegajoiemi] CinemaP-1.9cV26.08
G2 - GCE: Preference [User Data\Default] [moaoekpigopfefmpegieoggokoncnmbn] Ad...

Re: Problem

If you have any troubles, don't hesitate to ask here. You can also send us the logfiles and we'll help you to try to cure your computer.


Re: HELP [How do I make Adw clean Opera browser?]


Moreover, "Preferences" file will be added in v5.005 ( Currently, only "Secure Preferences" file is handled )


Adwcleaner White listing

on AdwCleaner by



was as wondeing if you could whit list





these files are required for a lot of users use, and get shut down with Adwcleaner -


thank youu :)!!

Re: Malware ?

Hi pguilb75,

according to a little research I did, HKLM\Software\classes\SDP seems to be related to Adware.Somoto-group.

Can you post the full logfile of AdwCleaner (C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner[Sx].txt), please?