Re: Download fails repeatedly

I've just successfully downloaded this using Chrome on Samsung S9, thanks very much for sorting this. Many people will benefit from easy access to Kyhi's Win10 recovery toolkit.


Re: Download fails repeatedly

Maybe this will shed some light - I suceeded in downloading the file only if I download it to the Microsoft Azure server - where download speed is 1 gigabit per second, and the file has been downloaded in about 40 seconds. On all other (slower) links, it fails repeatedly.

Re: Download fails repeatedly

The same thing happens to me. I have tried at least 20 times, sometimes is fails after 70%, sometimes after 10%, sometmes after 50%...but it always fails no matter what. Tried from different places, always the same - download failed, file incomplete. If I could download backwards, and then stich the parts together... xD

Download fails repeatedly

I've been trying to download Win14393PESE-X86 iso, windows recovery toolkit but it fails on multiple browsers. Less than 10% is downloaded on the laptop and no more than 50% through the phone.

How can I get a copy of the toolkit, is there another source?



ClearLNK by Alex Dragokas                                 ver.

OS:       x64 Windows 7 Ultimate, 6.1.7601.0, Service Pack: 1 Time:     03.03.2019 - 15:22 Language: OS: RU (0x419). Display: RU (0x419). Non-Unicode: RU (0x419) Elevated: Yes User:     Home    (group: Administrator)

_____________________________ Начало отчёта ____________________________ . [WARN] 1  "C:\ProgramData\Micro...

Re: Strange toolbar on my browser


First, you can try to download and run AdwCleaner by following this link:

Please share the generated logfile after the system reboot.

Re: ZHPCleaner link is broken on your website

Thanks. I'll try to share the logfile with ZHPCleaner dev.

cocochepeau, 2019-01-27 20:30:30 (UTC)

OK , let me know if there any update on this issue and when you get an answer from him !

Remove botton

Hi, what to do to get the "Remove" botton working? have I to delete manually the files before upgrading? thanks. PS: issue arised in

Re: ZHPCleaner link is broken on your website

Thanks. I'll try to share the logfile with ZHPCleaner dev.

Re: ZHPCleaner link is broken on your website

Can you share the logfile?

cocochepeau, 2019-01-23 19:32:14 (UTC)

here is the log file