Another twist to the same problem

Here is another twist to the same problem.  

On 2019-11-22 I downloaded the beta V8.0.0 of AdwCleaner from  It worked fine..

On 2019-11-22 I visited the website again and saw what looked like the same the same beta.  Except I just happened to notice the note saying 'about 9 hours ago', and happened to remember that I had downloaded th...

rstassociations-version-scr_1.3.scr ne se lance pas sur Windows 8.1


J'ai téléchargé le fichier rstassociations-version-scr_1.3.scr afin de tenter de résoudre mon problème de non lancement de tous mes fichiers en extension .exe.

Le résultat est :

" Windows ne trouve pas 'C:\Users\asuspc\DownIoads\rstassociations-\rersien-scr_1.3.scr'. Verífiez que vous avez entré le nom correct, puis réessayez."

Ce message est identique à celui que je reçois lors d...

liste des applications et malwares désinstallés par ADSFix & Pre_Scan

Bonjour à tous,


voici la liste des applications & virus désinstallés par Pre_Scan & ADSFix:


Advanced SystemProtector (Systweak)

OneSafe PC Cleaner

Registry First Aid

Reimage Repair

Smart Privacy Cleaner






Slimware Utilities


Iolo System Mechanic

Qihoo 360 Total Security





Confusing filenames

The ADW Downloads page currently offers three downloads:

AdwCleaner    7.4.1    Release

AdwCleaner    7.4.1    Beta

AdwCleaner    7.4       Release

I had previously downloaded the Beta when only the second and third lines were there (it seemed to work well),   When the top line appeared this morning, I assumed from the filename that the Release was the same file, but I wondered about it, an...

Re: My Auslogics DIsk Defrag is malware?


I invite you to first use the latest versoin of AdwCleaner (available here: Feel free to post your scan log here if you want confirmation before pushing the clean button.

The v6 is probably using an outdated detection database.


Re: Validation d'un projet


Désolé pour l'attente. Je viens de valider KpRm, il est maintenant publié et disponible à l'adresse suivante :


Mise à jour logiciel


Je cherche comment indiqué la mise à jour d'un logiciel.

J'ai modifié le code de mon outil ToolsDiag et j'ai donc chargé le nouveu fichier mais sur la page de téléchargement le date ne change pas et je ne trouve pas comment la changer.


Re: Strange toolbar on my browser


First, you can try to download and run AdwCleaner by following this link:

Please share the generated logfile after the system reboot.

Re: Remove botton

Hi, thanks. Unfortunately this option is still not working, even launching it from Downloads folder :(

Re: Remove botton


Can you try again, but this time launching AdwCleaner through the Downloads folder?

Note that even if AdwCleaner itself (the executable) is still present, the AdwCleaner folder (located at C:\AdwCleaner) should be removed when you click Uninstall.

About the notification by email, we've had some issues recently but it's now fixed.