Re: AdwCleaner update ( not retained.


Please follow this link in order to download the latest version of AdwCleaner:

Also, you'll find the release history here:


Re: AdwCleaner update ( not retained.

So nobody can tell me why the newly released update to will not download to my PC.  Is this update even real?  Malwarebytes release history does not mention anything other than ANYBODY?????

Re: PUP \SysNative\drivers\mrxsmb22.sys


I don't use Malwarebytes after the huge changes. Count on Adw, JRT,  & MBAE. I hope you live long, so Corporate won't take control.

Honest1, 2018-01-28 21:29:17 (UTC)

What "huge changes" are you referring to?

System Restore Point. Was taking up to much space for Microsoft, so they cut its abilities. Appears you have to use 3rd Party, Restore Point Creator. You must make it ahead o...

Re: AdwCleaner has stopped working

Hello, Administrator!  There was a brace of follow-on replies added within the past week that just got cut off - having system issues?  The drift was that this is a known problem, has apparently existed since the advent of version 7 and now continues beyond 7.0.6 to 7.0.7.  AdwCleaner consistently crashes when starting up during the "heuristic" phase, and the resulting debug file is truncated a...

Protection for Android

Can I expect ANY more of Malwarebytes Software products specifically for my Android Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1? 

Re: Désinfection de tapsnake, cronDNS, Dubfishiw


S'il t'affiche un numéro de téléphone, n'appelle pas (c'est peut-être un peu bête comme conseil mais certains le font et se sont avoir, je ne connais pas ton niveau).



  • Télécharge et lance AdwCleaner (de ToolsLib / Malwarebytes), choisis l'option Analyser.
  • Une fois le scan terminé, choisis l'option Nettoyer.
  • Redémarre le PC comme demandé, héberge le rapport sur pjjoint.malekal...

Re: hijack

Thanks for replying. I tested it with all addons disabled and the problem is still there. Both AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes tell me that "no threates were found".

I created a new clean Firefox profile and that problem disappeared, but I would like to be able to remove it from my current profile (to preserve history, open tabs, etc.)

I can send files from my firefox profile if that helps (I did...

Re: Impossible de supprimer Nophilos.exe


Attention : tu dois prendre la version compatible avec ton système : 32 ou 64 bits.

32 ou 64 bits - Comment savoir ?

  • Lance FRST (Sous Windows Vista/7/8/10, clic droit sur FRST > Exécuter en tant qu'administrateur).
  • Coche la case Addition.txt.
  • Clique sur le bouton Analyser.
  • Une fois le scan terminé, deux rapports FRS...

Major difficulties with AdwCleaner v.

I am helping a friend clean a grossly infected computer. Windows 10. Uses McAfee AV.

He ran Malwarebytes 3 without difficulty and it cleaned with no problem at all. I do have the log if needed but cannot find a way to attach the text file

He then attempted to use AdwCleaner v. but it would not complete cleaning and received a box with notification that a problem had stopped the clean....

Re: redémarrage impossible après passage de tweaning


Avez-vous la possibilité d'utiliser un autre clavier ? Vous pouvez aussi tenter d'utiliser le clavier d'accessibilité de Windows. Vous pouvez vous rendre sur cette page pour savoir comment y accéder.

Ensuite, tentez la restauration d'un point de restauration système. La marche à suivre est décrite sur cette page, dans la section "Restaurer à partir d’un point de restauration système"...