Comment supprimer un dossier de photos qui n'existe plus


Je voudrais savoir comment supprimer ce dossier qui n'existe plus et que je ne peux pas supprimer non plus.

J'attends votre réponse. Je vous envoie une capture d'écran: c'est celui du voyage en Chine dans le bas de la page.


Re: False positive?

I have same issue too, adwcleaner find wisecleaner and Auslogics



But I don't think it is a threat, when I click clean, my wise care 365 change to a Free version, I lost my Pro version, I had to reactivated it.

adwcleaner not able to remove jhdbca

I have several times tried to clean the following, but has never been successful and my start menu froze, microfost edge open with blue screen and not able to click on my date and time, I have also lost my PDF and LibreOffice, 

Adware is not able to clean these files 

Key Found:  HKU\S-1-5-18\Software\jhdbca
Key Found:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\jhdbca
Key Found:  [x64] HKLM...

A whole lot of damage

I just ran the latest version of Ad-Aware. It found 18 items to remove. I clicked OK. Restarted the laptop (HP Envy, 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD, 4GB VRAM). On bootup I found that Mailwasher icon was not in the Task bar, in fact it was not running. Then I found that Mailbird, my e-mail program wasn't running. Then I found that the touch feature of the touchpad wasn't working. (I could not slide up and ...

Unable to "run" to install

Hi, this is my first time here so apologies if I sound so very dumb because when it comes to my computer playing silly things with me I am so lost - would appreciate some help please.

I downloaded and ran adwcleaner last Monday 26th September - also installed Opera as I'm so sick and tired of Firefox changing/adding things after an upgrade I find difficult to fix.- I downloaded a game about 2 ...

Re: Adwcleaner v.6.000 "not responding"

on AdwCleaner by
2016-08-18 01:45:37 :     <INFO>    [main.gui] - Clean requested 2016-08-18 01:45:41 :     <INFO>    [main.gui] - Killing all processes 2016-08-18 01:45:41 :     <WARN>    [main] - Killing [System Process](0) 2016-08-18 01:45:41 :     <WARN>    [main] - Killing System(4) 2016-08-18 01:45:41 :     <WARN>    [main] - smss.exe - (4) not killed - whitelisted 2016-08-18 01:45:41 :     <WARN> ...

Help I need to gain control of my home network and devices again

I am unsure of exactly what happened but I started noticing that my usual sites looked different and the addresses for them had also changed in the address bar. I could type in and it would redirect me to everytime. I started using F12 developer tools to look at the webpages and their sources. I noticed that they all were not t...

How to restore the lost (saved) bookmarks in chrome?

I have saved hundreds of site address in the chorme bookmarks in my own account and once it was disappeared. How can I restore it? Please advice me... Thanks,


problème avec montre espion & pc après restauration usine + infection freeven depuis mars 2014 + désinstaller nero & iobit malware fighter

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J'ai une montre caméra espion de 8 Go avanquest, mais un beau jour, j'ai transféré quelque trucs vers ma montre camera espion avec paragon migrate os to ssd, et depuis ma montre est reconnue comme une partition "windows re tools" de 1Go, ce qui as depuis ce matin un bug "réparation automatique" qui empêche le bureau de demarrer, j'ai essayé d'utiliser neosmart easyre essentials boot d...