Re: Quel logiciel pour ma panne ?

Comme convenu voici Zhpdiag



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Bad LAG with Windows 10

This lagging started almost immediately after the download of Windows 10 - everything on my computer is slow.  Programs take a while to open, then when open, sometimes I can type faster than the computer can keep up!  I cannot figure out what to stop 'running in the background' -- but it just feels like something is dragging the speed down, but it's not showing up in the "Remove Programs" part!...

Re: SmartShopping not cleaned :(


Now, it's ok! I solved my pb, perhaps thank to AdvCleaner.

* First with AdvCleaner... no (visible) effect. I run it twice and the second time it told me everything was ok... except I always had my virus.

+ Then, I learnt about Chrome Cleanup tool. I run it! Same pb... it told me that it didn't see any threat! And, after that, my Chrome has been blocked... Impossible to run il!


I d...