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Hmm.... You could try getting a bootable Windows10 USB/CD and try a general repair function, see if that helps you in any way. You can also try a recovery with the bootable drive.

Re: After install Torch browser from the official page adwcleaner detects malware 18

Nobody knows ?

I am investigating. It's strange some links in the official page redirects me to Reimage Repair.

The wiki article has not good past for this program.

I have decided to uninstall completely without your help.

Best Regards

I will communicate any incidence if negative.



Re: Cleaning process for both Vista32: there is something to be erased?


Don't worry, it's very easy. Once you've plugged your USB key in your computer, just reboot. At the very first screen when your computer manuacturer and model is shown, there will be a small message saying "press this key in order to boot on your key". You'll just need to press it, and "voilà".

Otherwise, you may need to see at a repair shop, because it's very likely that whether your ...

infected by reimage plus & pc optimizer pro, please disinfect windows 10 A.S.A.P.


i have some problems, and i'm 27 years old man,


i have some problems with my 2 computers and my external disks,

my configuration: pc 1: compaq desktop pc by hewlett packard, win 10 x64 upgraded from win 8 pc 2: Win 7 Starter Edition x32 Acer Aspire One laptop

Antivirus/firewall suite installed: pc 1: ad-aware total security pc 2: comodo internet security complete

then,: ---------...

Re: ADWCleaner is "NOT Respoding" when Clean option is selected.

ClearLNK tool repair link:

Also i fixed those things using HijackThis, didn't find any log file here.

IORRT.bat <- This I got from a torrent, it puts Office (I used it for PowerPoint) into a permanent trial so that I can get genuine updates from Microsoft even if I don't buy a licence!

The script had an uninstall option which i used and it said it was u...

problèmes internet

Bonjour à tous,


J'ai internet uniquement en mode sans-echec sur mon notebook, je suis sous windows 7 x32 bits, starter edition,

J'ai tout essayé:

-dns repair, voici le rapport:

-ctr de pierre 13, voici le rapport:

-reinitialisation internet.bat

-winsockfix.exe: impossible car ceci est pas une application win32 inva...

Re: ADWCleaner is "NOT Respoding" when Clean option is selected.

1) It this file known to you?


There is nothing any suspicious, please clean some trace.

2) Using  ClearLNK tool repair following links and attach tool's report to your message.

C:\Users\Vaishnavi\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\ImplicitAppShortcuts\9690809c1adfae92\user0 - Chrome.lnk

Re: How to remove “Click To Continue” Ads

Hi, Thank you for your response, I no longer have the screenshot  since the problem has been solved by using the system restore, however the problem started off from running MultiExtractor software that I downloaded from CNET to extract the corrupted backup files and the symptoms were pretty much described here My browser would open multi...

Toolslib decided to remove my programs.

Sorry to anyone that has liked or used my programs in the past.

Toolslib has taken it upon themselves to remove all of my programs from their platforum. 

Have a wonderful day and best of luck in repairing your computer problems.

Best Regards,


Windows Installer pops up


I'm using Windows 10 and Windows installer keeps poping up, it apears and desapears very quicly.  I scanned with "" and got a litle bit better, now when I use some programs like microsoft edge the windows installer does not pop up, but when I use chrome and many other programs the windows installer pop us up. I tryed malwarebytes it detected malware ...