Erreur HHTP envoi d'un nouveau fichier d'un projet


Je ne peux envoyer la mise à jour de mon logiciel car je reçois cette erreur lors du transfert:

erreur HTTP

D'où cela provient-il et Que faire ?



How to remove fiber.js ?


Since a 3 month I got a messag from fiber.js on my screen.

How can this be removed, obviously it is malware. If I scan it wiith latest version of Adware I get the message that no infected programs or files have been found.

Who knows the solution?

Re: Is my EXE infected?


Sorry for the late answer. The file is no longer available on zippyshare. You can use instead then share the generated link - if you still wanna know if it's infected or not.


Confusing filenames

The ADW Downloads page currently offers three downloads:

AdwCleaner    7.4.1    Release

AdwCleaner    7.4.1    Beta

AdwCleaner    7.4       Release

I had previously downloaded the Beta when only the second and third lines were there (it seemed to work well),   When the top line appeared this morning, I assumed from the filename that the Release was the same file, but I wondered about it, an...

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The problem of lowering IOS 13.0 down to IOS 12.0


I use the Iphone 7 plus, I missed the upgrade to IOS version 13.0, but I found the use is no longer smooth, so I decided to downgrade to IOS version 12.0, but I failed to downgrade, I have to how. Should I continue to downgrade IOS 12.0?

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Re: Uninstall current version-Pre Installation software deleted-unable to restore

as i've already well posted:

" You should also be able to retrieve "lost" files from the Quarantine. "


Re: 7.4.0

hi and thxs

now the bug is solved and the options are finally clickable