Re: Uninstall current version-Pre Installation software deleted-unable to restore


I invite you to read the announcement regarding Pre-installed software by following this link:

You should also be able to retrieve "lost" files from the Quarantine.

If you want to manually reinstall HP Support Assistant, you don't need to call HP for their assistance, you can follow this link:

Re: Continuing problems with AdwCleaner 7.4.0 scan- No useful assistance.

Still having problems with latest download.Scan continues to pickup pre-installed software from HP which I DO NOT WANT to remove.  The 1st time I did that it deleted an important self diagnostic product called HP Support Assistant.  It took me forever to reinstall and I'm not sure that it's complete.  I cannot afford to call HP for their assistance.

Right now the dashboard shows 143 total dete...

Uninstall current version-Pre Installation software deleted-unable to restore


After new version runs it is not retained by system.  Old version still in place.  

After downloading the new version, the product kept picking up my HP Support Assistant and one other HP Framework item as pre-installed software.  So I thought I followed the instructions, but somehow it deleted those HP items and would not let me restore them.  I have now been trying to restore the...


..there is a BUG...if you add an exception then in options - impostazioni- the 3 tabs on the  bottom

to add exception or to modify it or to delete it are all grey NON clickable..



My Auslogics DIsk Defrag is malware?

Hi there, I have just scanned my notebook and AdwCleaner v6.046 tells me Auslogics DIsk Defrag is malware, is that correct?

Thank you very much,

routeur xiaomi

Bonjour à tous, je suis un nouvel arrivant sur le forum. S'il ne s'agit pas du bon forum pour poser des questions, veuillez me pardonner.

Je veux savoir si le routeur xiaomi vaut la peine d'être acheté? Je veux l’utiliser comme routeur domestique. Je suis très satisfait de son prix, seulement 30 euros sur Amazon. Quelqu'un peut-il me fournir un test et je souhaite savoir quel est le meilleur m...

Re: when a finally update of this 7.0.8 vers..??

look at version history BEFORE its infaust acquisition:

no more then 20 days between one update an the other

this new behaviour really do NOT works fine


Re: when a finally update of this 7.0.8 vers..??

are you jocking..??!!..we are talkin about a -ANTIMALAWARE- sw..

that BEFORE its infaust acquisition was updated every 3 weeks..

now the last is the very LATE 04 April...

Re: when a finally update of this 7.0.8 vers..??

But whats the problem if the program is not update every month if it woks fine ?

Re: Validation d'un projet

Merci Beaucoup !

Je signale un bug mineur, il y a un décalage dans le tableau de bord et le choix du système d'exploitation. pour que Windows soit affiché sur ma fiche, j'ai dû choisir Mac OS.

kernel-panik, 2019-06-18 11:17:36 (UTC)

Merci pour le feedback. Nous allons corriger ça rapidement.

cocochepeau, 2019-06-18 20:57:43 (UTC)

Le problème devrait être réglé dans la soirée. Merci enc...