Cleaning process for both Vista32: there is something to be erased?

Bonjour, I already wrote to you per email one month ago, now I'm registered and I post here on the forum. I am cumdacon and I posted 2012 on the forum "general changelog". In the meantime I see that you changed the forum adress and switched from ZHPdiag to FRST. Vista ended its main support one month ago, [Office2007 is still receiving updates at least until september and Firefox 52ESR until at...

infected by reimage plus & pc optimizer pro, please disinfect windows 10 A.S.A.P.


i have some problems, and i'm 27 years old man,


i have some problems with my 2 computers and my external disks,

my configuration: pc 1: compaq desktop pc by hewlett packard, win 10 x64 upgraded from win 8 pc 2: Win 7 Starter Edition x32 Acer Aspire One laptop

Antivirus/firewall suite installed: pc 1: ad-aware total security pc 2: comodo internet security complete

then,: ---------...


Hello and welcome on ToolsLib,

The least I can say is that you are determined. I saw your messages on Facebook and Twitter as well. I'll answer here so everyone can participate and see what's going on.

I don't know if you've seen it but we recently introduced automated VirusTotal scans for all the projects hosted on ToolsLib. Here is an example for AdsFix:

Re: Not notified of new version running Adwcleaner 6.045


Sorry for te delay, but as regist says it's on my backlog. However, please note that we may consider the support of Windows XP as best effort/optional in future AdwCleaner releases since it decreases the overall program security. And XP, as Vista are deprecated for a long time now.

Best regards,

Re: False positives?

google seach my unins000.exe md5

this site knows it is from Sereby Corporation

Bonjour, des menaces trouvées sur mon PC avec Roguekiller, mais je ne c pas me servir de votre outil ? je le pose en papier coller dessus .

RogueKiller V12.10.2.0 (x64) [Mar 27 2017] (Gratuit) par Adlice Software

email :

Remontées :

Site web :

Blog :


Système d'exploitation : Windows 10 (10.0.14393) 64 bits version

Démarré en  : Mode normal

Utilisateur : ALAIN [Administrateur]

Démarré depuis : C:\Pr...

AdwCleaner 6.044 mistakenly deleted Advanced SystemCare 10.2 pro

Hello there;

I've been using both software AdwCleaner and Advanced SystemCare for quite sometime now, they worked well together and there was no problem so far until recently I've come across the problem that AdwCleaner detected Advanced SystemCare 10.2 pro as PUPS then deleted the software folder. My question is why all of the sudden the Adwcleaner wants to get rid of the Advance SystemCare? ...

Re: ADW cleaner ne répond plus

Il m'est impossible de faire le nettoyage puisque le programme s'arrete avant mais voici le rapport

# AdwCleaner v6.044 - Rapport créé le 14/03/2017 à 16:58:15 # Mis à jour le 28/02/2017 par Malwarebytes # Base de données : 2017-03-14.1 [Serveur] # Système d'exploitation : Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium Service Pack 2 (X86) # Nom d'utilisateur : Rosalie - PC-DE-ROSALIE # Exécuté depuis : C:\U...

ADW cleaner ne répond plus



Mon ADW Cleaner m'indique que j'ai 50 menaces lorsque je lance le nettoyage il gèle et ne répond plus.


voici mon rapport de debug

2017-03-13 19:17:22 :     <INFO>    [main] - Saving current options to the configuration file 2017-03-13 19:17:24 :     <INFO>    [main.gui] - Scan requested 2017-03-13 19:17:24 :     <INFO>    [scan] - Running from: C:\AdwCleaner 2017-03-13 19:17:2...

Re: Registry Key info. What is this ?

Hmm. But it only finds one key.

I am using windows 7 ultimate x64 too. thats quite an outdated page for the virus

Surely malware bytes premium or kaspersky internet security would have found the rest if my system was infected ?

but the thing is, my current system has never been infected so i'm quite confused about this result in AdwCleaner.

Would you recommend any other steps just to be sur...