Win 10 suck so bad

after i installed Win 10 - everything on my computer is slow.  Programs take a while to open.

so i was downgrade to win 7

Win 10 is super bad.



Re: Download fails repeatedly

Maybe this will shed some light - I suceeded in downloading the file only if I download it to the Microsoft Azure server - where download speed is 1 gigabit per second, and the file has been downloaded in about 40 seconds. On all other (slower) links, it fails repeatedly.

ZHPCleaner link is broken on your website

trying to download the 2019 version of your website but the link is broken and your website is loading very slowly with an error meassge

the error meassge is timed out !

False positive with and now

Hi guys,

Probably a false positive:

# -------------------------------
# Malwarebytes AdwCleaner
# -------------------------------
# Build:    09-19-2018
# Database:  (Cloud)
# Support:
# -------------------------------
# Mode: Scan
# -------------------------------
# Start:    09-20-2018
# Duration: 00:00:09
# OS:       Windows 7 Professional

Re: AdwCleaner has stopped working

Great news!  Just downloaded and ran AC 7.100 successfully!!  (This is a Dell Latitude E6400 laptop, Win 7, same that was consistently presenting the startup issue across the various releases of AC 7.0x0)  The panel has been redesigned and there is a variety of customization options available in Settings.  Looking forward to spending some time with it to more fully appreciate the new format and...

Re: PUP's from online studies - harmless or not?

Hello Fleks,

I see you have a PUP issue(s).  Did you delete the PUP's with Adware Cleaner after you ran the scan?  I don't know where you are located but did you know this study website is in Germany?

PUA. (Potentially Unwanted Application) or PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)  These are very annoying at best in that they cause pop-us, redirect your browser home page, and other behavior that...

Adwclwaner y Norton anti-virus

Several elements must be present in a fast-track product launch if it is to be successful, say executives from Kiwi Brands Inc, which launched its Ty-D-Bol Triple Action Stain-Fighting Liquid in Oct 1995 after just 150 days of preparation. Those elements include clear communications and a close working relationship between different segments of the design team, computerized information processi...

Re: AdwCleaner has stopped working

AdwCleaner released today, continues to crash during startup heuristic phase per above.


pc 1: notebook win7 infecté par utililab et anvisoft



Mon notebook sous la marque acer sous windows 7 x32,

Cpu: Intel atom Processor N450 (1,66 GHz, 512 KB cache) Memory: 1 gb Ram Battery: 6-cell Li-ion battery Storage: 250 GB HDD


Il y à les rogues et navigateurs malveillants suivants installés dessus:

Anvisoft Startup Booster

Utililab nitrobrowser

Utililab systemoptimizer

Et utililab driver updater (application bizarre qui i...

Win10PESE startup wifi config to connect how to

Just used your software for the 1st time it looked good even thow missing was some but cloud not connect i to my wifi so i gave up for now