Re: when a finally update of this 7.0.8 vers..??

What are your thoughts so far about the beta? Did you test it? This will surely help the release of a stable version.

Re: when a finally update of this 7.0.8 vers..??

..this is -beta-...

we wait for the -stable- vers...60days are a really so long term..


Re: when a finally update of this 7.0.8 vers..??

STILL NO updates since 25 sept..??!!....

are you all GONE away..??

how infaust day when malawarebytes BOUGHT your fantastic tool..






EssentialPIM Stopped Working After Android Oreo Update


EssentialPIM was working fine when my Note 8 was running Android Nougat. I happen to receive the latest Android Oreo update today. But now as I will open the app it is only loading a blank screen on its start up and crashes after few secs of inactivity. How am I supposed to this fix error?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.



Re: Newest versions of AdwCleaner

The "check for updates" is our backlog, so it's just a matter of time before we see it being added.

Re: Newest versions of AdwCleaner

Okay, thank you! Hope you do add the updates feature in.

Re: Newest versions of AdwCleaner


Sorry for the late answer.

Currently, you need to run a scan with AdwCleaner in order to get the update notification. We might add an option to "check for updates" in an upcoming version.


Unable to open AdwCleaner 7.1.1.


running the 7.1.0 version, question "would you like to download update 7.1.1" pops up. Indeed it is possible to save the new version, but it is not possible to open 7.1.1. Hence the popup asking for installation of 7.1.1.appears every time when starting a scan. Would be grateful to receive an advice as to how 7.1.1. can be installed

Thank you and best regrds

Newest versions of AdwCleaner

Hi there. I have the version of AdwCleaner. The new interface is very nice, I like it. What I'm not sure of is if the program updates itself with no action on my part or not. I've looked and see no option to "check for updates" prior to running a scan. Today, I was notified by Softpedia that is out, but didn't see that my current version updated on it's own when I ran it. So do ...