Faux positifs ?

Voilà ce que j'ai trouvé dans la rubrique "Firefox" :


--> Ligne 49 : user_pref("browser.search.searchengine.desc","this is my first firefox searchEngine");

--> Ligne 50 : user_pref("browser.search.searchengine.ptid","smt");

--> Ligne 51 : user_pref("browser.search.searchengine.uid","WDCXWD10EADS-22M2B0-WD-WCAV5753890038900")...

Re: Cleaning process for both Vista32: there is something to be erased?

Hello dear fr33tux,

taa taratàtta taaaaaa (I-II-III C trumpets)

pim popopìm pom p'rrrrrrrr (kettledrums in G-C)

You will understand the reason for this Fanfare by looking at the following report (after the....11th pass!) for B_Desktop: https://s15.postimg.org/5w9f0e3tl/untitled3.jpg?dl=1

No words, music only! :D 

[ If there were a portable (!) USB version for Windows I could do a further t...

Re: Cleaning process for both Vista32: there is something to be erased?

Hi, perhaps an Off Topic but I add some infos for next Tuesday:

today at boot, when Comodo was finalizing its definition updating process I become a Blue Screen and I had to power my PC off (B_Desktop). After reboot all was ok.

No logs, no report in Event Viewer, No minidumps, No memory.dump today (you can see the latest from 10th April in Google Drive), No Livekernelreports, I only saw "Memo...

Re: Adwcleaner freeze when cleaning

# AdwCleaner v6.046 - Logfile created 14/05/2017 at 10:24:09 # Updated on 24/04/2017 by Malwarebytes # Database : 2017-05-14.1 [Server] # Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (X64) # Username : iQuang - IQUANG-PC # Running from : D:\Downloads\adwcleaner_6.046.exe # Mode: Scan # Support : https://www.malwarebytes.com/support

***** [ Services ] *****

No malicious services found....


Dear developers,

I am using http://acestream.org/ software that is a P2P software and AdwCleaner delete everything related to it, but I need them

Is it possible to whitelist them


Here the log file regarding these files that I had to exclude manually


***** [ Folders ] *****

[!] Folder not deleted: C:\Users\Filippo\AppData\LocalLow\.acestream [!] Folder not deleted: C:\Users\Filippo\Ap...

Re: Adw cleaner problem

I saw from other posts that you nede debug file also so here it is. 

2017-02-14 16:53:55 : 	<INFO>	[main] - Saving current options to the configuration file
2017-02-14 16:53:57 : 	<INFO>	[main.gui] - Scan requested
2017-02-14 16:53:57 : 	<INFO>	[scan] - Running from: C:\AdwCleaner
2017-02-14 16:53:57 : 	<INFO>	[scan] - Progress: 0%
2017-02-14 16:53:57 : 	<INFO>	[database] - Checking for datab...

Adw cleaner problem


After running the scan with ADW Cleaner I tried to delete/clean found infections, but the adw cleaner freezes and stops responding? What to do? Here is the Scan logfile I think.

Thank you !

***** [ Services ] *****

No malicious services found.

***** [ Folders ] *****

Folder Found:  C:\_acestream_cache_

***** [ Files ] *****

No malicious files found.

***** [ DLL ] *****

No mali...

Are these detections dangerous?

Regards, I just wanted to ask if these adwcleaner detections are very dangerous.

***** [ Registro ] *****

[-] Llave eliminada: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\DOMStorage\clarovideo.com

[-] Llave eliminada: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\DOMStorage\www.clarovideo.com

[#] Llave eliminada al reiniciar: [x64] HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explore...

Re: False positive?


yes, when i install wise registry cleaner, it recommended to install spyhunter, and i deny it. so, wise registry cleaner in my system is clean, no ads, no additional programs. 

Something like, when i watch a video, it pops up ads, I hate it, but I don't remove video, just close ads, because I want to watch the video. So, if adwcleaner can just warn user,  not default remove it , i thi...

Faux positif !?


Après installation de "Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate" :

# AdwCleaner v6.030 - Rapport créé le 10/11/2016 à 22:16:23
# Mis à jour le 19/10/2016 par Malwarebytes
# Base de données : 2016-11-10.1 [Serveur]
# Système d'exploitation : Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (X64)
# Nom d'utilisateur : Jean - PC3
# Exécuté depuis : D:\AdwCleaner\adwcleaner.exe
# Mode: Scan
# Support ...