WoW Classic UI App 1.2.2

WoW Classic UI App

Bug-free, faster, safer and easier AddOn management app for your Desktop.

Did you ever want to keep your AddOns up to date in ...

STimer-appLauncherNProcWndListTweak 0.2

Timed Application Launcher + process/window list viewer/tweaker,

with possible hide-window flag - eg, for backup, compiling, stuff, etc.

For wind...

Bitnami WAPP stack 5.4.45

Bitnami WAPP stack installer for Windows.


The WAPP acronym stands for Windows, Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL.

Please install it to have a f...

Reset App 1.0.0

En ocasiones podríamos tener muchísimas sesiones de un mismo programa funcionando al mismo tiempo, lo que puede llegar a consumir elevados recursos...