DLL Injector Hacker

DLL Injector Hacker Remix

DLL Injector Hacker is one of the best DLL Injectors, it has a rich feature set and is frequently updated. and has been ...

Exo 1.0

a simple yet powerful exe to icon converter

Dumb Router 1.2 1.2

Dumb Router is a tool that can help you test your router vulnerability

Minecraft Tool 2.0

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TryHTML 1.5

TryHTML is tool that can help you to Edit or creat a HTML page in this tool You can test your code while coding in LIVE and if your a beginner it n...

Assembly Changer Pro 1.2

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Advanced checksum utility 3.1

Advanced checksum utility 3.0 is an free, fast and easy to use file hashing application. With Advanced checksum utility 3.0 you can hash any of you...

ZipMax 1.0

Zip, is a very simple to use Compersion tool for now it support only .zip Archives more Format in the next version.

All features & functions : 


XCrypter 1.2

XCrypter is simple to use, it uses the AES-125 algorithm, simple but powerful You can drag and drop a file or folder to encrypt them, you can als...


AesParanoia es un sencillo y pequeño encriptador/desencriptador de textos que usa un algoritmo de encriptación llamado donsv2. Sólo está destinado ...