DLL Injector Hacker Remix

DLL Injector Hacker is one of the best DLL Injectors, it has a rich feature set and is frequently updated. and has been thoroughly tested, works on all versions of Windows, and offers many different injection methods.

Why REMIX? : This version uses many resources and features of previous versions and other injectors. As is GH Injector.


Injection Methods

  •     LoadLibraryExW
  •     LdrLoadDll
  •     LdrpLoadDll
  •     LdrpLoadDllInternal
  •     Manual Mapping

Shellcode , Execution Methods

  •     NtCreateThreadEx
  •     thread hijacking
  •     SetWindowsHookEx
  •     QueueUserAPC
  •     FakeVEH

Manual mapping, Features​

  •     Section mapping
  •     base relocation
  •     imports
  •     Delayed imports
  •     SEH/CPP exception support
  •     TLS initialization
  •     Security cookie initialization
  •     Shift base image
  •     Run under loader lock

Additional Features

  •     Various cloaking options
  •         PEB unlinking
  •         PE header cloaking
  •         Thread cloaking
  •     handle hijacking
  •     Hook scanning/restoring

Frequently Asked Questions and Known Issues.

Some antiviruses detect Injector as malware, but it is not malware. It is 100% clean and safe to use. These are called false positives. It uses functions commonly used by antiviruses that use heuristics will classify this as malware, but it is not.

When you start the injector for the first time, you must download two PDB files from the Microsoft Symbol Server.

(By default it extracts symbols that are compatible with most builds of Windows 10 and 11), but the Injector Asynchronously detects if there is an Internet connection and will Download the symbols concerning your system. Since these files are system dependent, I can't just add them to the injector download.


  •     The List of Processes is Slow !! This is because I get the List of Processes directly from Windows WMI . Besides that Multiple Filters are applied to the List of Processes.
  •     The Injector Probes a Proprietary Injection method, which is stable on all windows versions and architectures.
  •     The delay and timeout are in Seconds. (
  •         The Default Value and the minimum is 2 Seconds
  •         )
  •     If your DLL doesn't have Configuration files or External Resources : Basically, you should always combine "Random FileName" and "Load DLL Copy".
  •     In the Plugin Tab, You Can Download Cheats!!! How can you also publish them!!!
  •     Can't Download a Cheat? Try to Create an Account in the Injector, To do this Press the Image of the Detective With a White Hat.  In the Upper Left Corner.



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