A lot of work has been accomplished in 2015, from the opening of new sections on the platform, to the consolidation of the underlying infrastructure.. Thanks to all this work, we are ready to open more features in 2016. Let's see together what is planned !


Beginning by the website improvements, a lot of different work has been achieved. First of all, the blog and the forum opened. These new sections allow us to communicate easily and to provide a convenient way for our user to get some help. Moreover, the developper are now closer from their software users and they can directly answer to features/bug/support requests.

We also improved the overall design to make it clearer and more responsive. This work was also accompagnied by a lot of optimisations in the core of the platform.

Regarding the infrastructure itself, 2015 was dedicated to consolidate the existing services and to make it more flexible. Two new servers has been broughts, the backup system has been widely improved, and we improved the monitoring system which make us more reactive in case of outage.

Both the website and the underlying infrastructure are also evolving to be more automatic. It's one of the conditions to deliver you the new services for 2016 : they require more flexibility, scalability and security.

Our two main resolutions for this new year is to be innovative and to listen to your needs. A few surprises are coming :-)

We wish you a happy new year !