AdwCleaner v6.020 has been published a few minutes ago. It brings interesting changes, optimizations bugfixes and detections. While it was planned to release it a few days earlier, we have decided to wait a bit for more tests and translations to be completed.

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This release brings UI changes: where in the previous releases, all tabs were shown at the end of the scan even if they didn't contain any detected element, now only tabs with results are displayed. It's now easier to spot the malicious elements ! Still on the UI part, the way we display paths have been rewritten to remove the glitches present in the previous releases.


A lot of work have been done in the scanner. It fixes annoying bugs from the previous releases (infamous crashs in Firefox scanning for instance) and improve efficiency. It may also take more time (a few seconds at most) on x64 platforms but is really more complete. Also, it is now more accurate and should detect previously missed elements.


Also, to avoid any potential conflicts, if two AdwCleaner instances run at the same time, the second one will show an informative message and will then be closed.

Nearly all translations have been updated. Also, a warm welcome to the Ukrainian language which is now fully supported! However, several languages are still incomplete or partially missing and we would love to get a full coverage on them. Please read the associated page if you want to help, thanks !

The v6.100 is now on its track, and it should be a release with major changes. More details to come!

If you want to contribute, please get in touch or consider a donation.

We are really thankful to everyone who has taken part for this release. Thank you all!


AdwCleaner v6.020 is available on the download page, and the documentation has been updated.