AdwCleaner v6.021 has been published a few minutes ago. With the development of the CLI release in parallel, this release is considered as a maintenance release, with mostly bugfixes, small detections improvements and new translations. Also, we are making good progresses on the CLI release, if you're interested see more at the bottom of this article !

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This release brings two new translations, Arabic and Ukrainian with a full coverage. If you are interested to help to add or improve the translations, please refer to this page.

    [ADD] - Arabic translation
    [ADD] - Ukrainian translation

    [UPD] - Vietnamese translation
    [UPD] - DebugLog now a bit more verbose
    [UPD] - Youndoo/Trotux detection
    [UPD] - Database 2016-10-06.1

    [BUG] - Fix Copy/Paste not working in some cases with the LogManager opened.

We've also improved the detections, with notable improvements with Youndoo/Trotux, and finally fixed the annoying bug with the paperclip which occured while the Log Manager was open.


Along with these changes, there have been some major improvements with the CLI release development:

Obviously, it works on Windows...

Windows support - AdwCleaner CLI

.. But also on Linux !

AdwCleaner on Linux - CLI

The OS X support still need some tests, but it's nearly done.


If you want to contribute, please get in touch or consider a donation.

We are really thankful to everyone who has taken part for this release. Thank you all!

AdwCleaner v6.021 is available on the download page, and the documentation has been updated.