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//////// v7.0.0.0 - 17/07/17 //////// This release is a complete rewrite. [ADD] New graphical interface (responsive and easier to use) [ADD] New database format, with concept of family [ADD] Additional actions per family [ADD] Most of JRT technology now included [ADD] New database management system [ADD] Use of a CDN to provide database downloads [ADD] No longer dependant on 3rd parties dll [ADD] In-App updater [ADD] "Submit samples" menu entry [UPD] Database 2017-07-17.1 [UPD] Updated Generic detections [UPD] All cleaning modules are more powerful against various system and permissions issues [UPD] Remediation for browsers faster and no longer corrupt preferences. [UPD] Scan faster by 15 to 25% [UPD] Translations coverage improved [UPD] Handling of process killing [UPD] Quarantine format, now more robust. [BUG] No longer dependant on sqlite3.dll [BUG] Fixed GUI not displaying any graphics in a few cases