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v7.1.0 [12/04/2018]

New Features

  • Brand new user interface, with high-DPI support, accessibility improvement
  • Add a dedicated Help section with various resources to get assistance and contribute.
  • Support for synchronized addons in Chrome, and include massive improvements in browsers scan and clean efficiency.
  • Display a scan summary at reboot.
  • Exclusions Support for elements and families to be excluded from the detections.


  • Major improvements in scan and remediation speed.
  • Reduce binary size.
  • Improve the reliability of the update process
  • Improve translations coverage.
  • Settings format is more effective and less error prone.
  • Improved report design for better usability
  • Redesign
  • Update definitions to 2018.04.11.1
  • Component updates


  • Quarantine process and restoration work again.
  • Fix numerous generic detection issues and design flaws.
  • Fix various crashs and miscellaneous issues.
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