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Release 7.2.1 7.05 MB 469,496
  • MD5 · 7985a482112d9186416623bafadac54b
  • SHA1 · cd8f6db47f29c97522d99622a3734863ac97c98e
  • SHA256 · d136bdaf2a8b19e016e4f8d884a1d5f88d2703b6a6b5db2d7fbcf8a46bd35cff
# v7.2.1 [26/06/2018] ## New Features * Ability to save the current window size and restore it on the next launch * AdwCleaner will now use a settings file in the same folder than AdwCleaner.exe so that it can be shared accross network shares or USB keys, * Add a debug log output when activated from the settings * Please tell us how would you recommend AdwCleaner to others with the new window asking for your opinion * AdwCleaner is now aware when MBES client is present ## Changes * Keep checked state of quarantine elements between switched tabs * Improve DownloadProtect detections ## Bugfixes * Support translations for on/off in Settings * Generic detections fixes and updates * Memory leaks * Various UI issues * Database to 2018.06.19.1