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Release 7.2.3 7.22 MB 170,958
  • MD5 · 4591e7c862a6918621666635734db32c
  • SHA1 · ed01e03554c8701c97282d66d2deed14da91eb14
  • SHA256 · cd66bce8724d0e24e48cfe4c027e816baf5b0390b2eff9cb9f0c54a1fd2232ee

v7.2.3 [30/08/2018]

New Features

  • The left sidebar is not disabled anymore during critical processes.
  • Improved Windows 7+ integration: the progress is now displayed in the taskbar with a specific color dep ending on the number of elements detected.
  • Improved remediation capabilities.
  • Prepare major database optimization in upcoming versions (size reduction, detection improvement, ...).


  • Update Malwarebytes moto: "Imagine a world without malware. We do.".
  • Display the database status in the logfile header: "Cloud" / "Local".


  • Do not detect vaccines anymore.
  • Update Generic detections
  • Definitions 2018.08.30.1