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Release 7.24 MB 4,246,769
  • MD5 · 37223f84cacf68fa811c2cfe5cfa64cb
  • SHA1 · a7132e31fac906b7d09861c79c45f5fc6f0b2a43
  • SHA256 · 55b7aceb5ed0407b1d83cd07c448b65366576315a69d8842b9361b2a14240fc6

v7.2.4 [24/09/2018]

New Features

  • Automatic updater: it's no longer needed to manually download a new version of AdwCleaner.


  • Logs and Quarantine tables are now sorted by date, and not by text.


  • Fix a crash when the basic repairs are run without prior detections
  • New generic detections
  • Fix detection of vaccines
  • Fix the upgrade process for build increments
  • Update translations
  • Definitions 2018.09.21.1