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  • MD5 · ad0cf61da1dc7b6f4fbedf5482ea7db2
  • SHA1 · 125047715384fec79a55d8a09cdf243179cf368a
  • SHA256 · 8bb2adc00b7c55d15cbeb7939b33f69671f91052b5f27a6ece333c43ff7fe20c
Free 2.4 (Sep. 4, 2020) Latest Upgrade!![ Latest Upgrade](!! Add 5 hot text templates. Add the approach to download YouTube videos for movie editing. Add the approach to user feedback. Bug fix for abnormal text editing. Bug fix for opening & saving project file. Improve software stability when launching. Improve software stability & efficiency when editing & saving files. Free 2.3 (Jul. 6, 2020) Bug fix for MiniTool MovieMaker crashing at mass file editing. Bug fix for text editing not synchronously displayed on the project. Free 2.2 (May. 6, 2020) Speed up video. Slow down video. Reverse video. Add motion effect (pan and zoom effect) to video. Bug fix for software crashes under some circumstances. Save projects automatically once the software freezes, crashes or exits unexpectedly. Free 2.0 (Jan. 6, 2020) Bug fix for software crashes under some circumstances. Up to 3 text tracks. Improve performance. Enhanced Waveforms. Add new movie templates. Support replacing music and clips in movie templates. Add new video quality options. Faster import and export.