I like updates! I like new free updates!
But it’s really frustrating to me, that Windows 10 breaks my work and reboots my PC to install their update/upgrades.
Unfortunately, there is no way to fully stop updating using the Windows interface.
The old hacks are not working since March 2018.

This why I created a small utility StopUpdates10 that gets back control over updates to me.

1) Stop Windows updates.
2) Stop forced upgrades.
3) Stop annoying upgrade notifications.
4) Easy Undo! Click 'Restore' button to undo all changes.

Freeware (commercial usage is allowed).


  1. StopUpdates10 does not delete files, does not change file rights or another destructive actions.
  2. StopUpdates10 is small and easy in use.
  3. StopUpdates10 is free of charge.

More info: greatis.com/blog/stopupdates10

Downloads 29,931
Weekly downloads 45
Publisher Dmitry Sokolov
By greatis
Created on 02 April 2018
Last update 03 April 2024
Category Utilities
Operating system Android

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