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Release 1.2.8R2 1.28 MB 4,332
  • MD5 · 5c8d6f17c320217ef17e7de8b6268c62
  • SHA1 · a45215743b2cb34d71911bd0876e12d047a494bd
  • SHA256 · a547f2e6e632afecc9a7239b0104a27e30ef66f227ce721244d94ac5bf89699e
***The Best&Beutifull Free Injector*** Fixed Bugs. Added New Injection Method "asm Code Cave". The Program was optimized. [Again.] ***R2 Features*** Detection by Antivirus Software dropped considerably. The Program has been Obfuscated in the bas mode under [Low Obfuzcation Mode] To maintain the stability of the program and that it is less detected.