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    2.1.2-portable · WindowsUpdateFixer

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    This is the exact same as the setup version, except this is the portable version and doesn't need to be installed.
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    2.1.2 · WindowsUpdateFixer

    Version 2.1.2: Improvements and changes Version 2.1.1: Option to turn off or turn on reregistering Windows Update DLLs Switching to advanced mode and to normal mode now in GUI available Improvements and changes Version 2.1.0: Completly rewritten code Added progress bar and status label Windows Update DLLs will be now reregistered Changed design a lot Improvements and changes Version 2.0.1: Updated links Small changes and improvements Version 2.0.0: INFO: You can start the advanced mode by running WindowsUpdateFixer with the argument '/advanced Added advanced mode, with full control over fixing Windows Update (Stop/Start/Fix Windows Update Services and more!) Improvements and changes Version 1.0.1: Visual XP Styles are now activated Improvements and some small changes Service statuses are now updated every 2 seconds Version 1.0.0: Initial Release