• · BootRacer 7.83

    • Fixed bug with hanging issue during Windows boot.
  • · BootRacer 7.82

    • Fixed bug with incorrectly calculated boot time results.
  • · BootRacer 7.80

    • New feature: Stop Malware at Startup.
      It automatically blocks executing Adware/Trojans/Spyware startup programs.
      BootRacer uses Greatis UnHackMe antiviral database for detecting malware.
    • Enhanced Startup Control.
    • Numerous bugs were fixed.
  • · BootRacer

    1. Improved Startup Control:
      • It displays the recent executing time for each startup application.
      • New screen: "Undo Journal" allows to review all changes and restore back to the previous state.
    2. Improved Ultimate Services Optimizer.
      • New "Favorites list" allows you to easily monitor your important services.
      • Ultimate Services Optimizer can change the services, protected by service manager. Services.msc utility returns "Access Denied" error if you want to disable Windows Update Medic (Waasneicsvc), Update Orchstrator Service (Usosvc).
      • Auto restore to the previous used mode and selected service.
    3. Fixed bug with error on executing some 64-bit applications.
    4. Fixed "hang up" during boot bug.
  • · BootRacer 7.60

    • Added “System is almost ready” animation window during boot.
    • Fixed bug with failed executing Security Health application on Windows 10 (1809).
    • Fixed bug with clearing RunOnce registry keys.
    • Fixed bug with hanging BootRacer during Windows boot-up.
  • · BootRacer 7.50

    Added an option to use small size of boot notification window.
  • · BootRacer 7.30

    Improved Ultimate Services Optimizer.
  • · BootRacer 7.20

    • New: Ultimate Services Optimizer.
    • Compatibility with Windows 10 (1803).
    • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • · BootRacer 7.10

    1) New: Quick Speedup feature! 2) Fixed bugs. 3) Added new beautiful finish screens!

  • · BootRacer 7.0

    1) Detecting BIOS Post Time (on compatible hardware). 2) Improved Startup Control. Fully redesigned. Fixed a lot of bugs with starting applications. 3) New! BootRacer Premium! 4) Fixed issues with hunging BootRacer during startup. 5) Compatible with Windows Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.