1. Fixed issue with QuickTweak.
    1. Improved the program speed and stability.
    2. Fixed the compatibility issues.
    3. Updated localization.
    1. Improved UI in the Service Manager.
    2. Fixed issues in the BootRacer.
    3. Updated localization.
    1. New: three layouts for the BootRacer main screen.
    2. Improved application design.
    3. Updated compatibility with Windows 11 21H2.
    4. Updated for use with Ultra HD screens.
    5. Rebuilt the Startup Control UI.
    6. Fixed bug with broken autostarting.
    7. Improved Ultimate Services Optimizer.
    1. Added option to run BootRacer hidden. This option is only for the Premium version.
    2. Added drag and drop way to set the order of the startup programs using the Startup Control.
    3. Fixed the registration issue.
    4. Fixed a bug in the Bootlogger: incorrect detection of a hard drive type.
    5. Fixed a lot of small bugs.
    1. Startup Control new features:
      1. Add programs to the controlled startup list.
      2. Set delay time for startup programs.
      3. Schedule startup programs to run monthly, weekly, or daily.
    2. Add a feature for deleting the startup program's history items.
    3. Fixed a lot of small bugs.
    1. Added Korean translation.
    2. Fixed registration issue.
    3. Fixed display issues in the QuickTweak.
    4. Fixed a lot of small bugs.
    1. Fixed exception errors with BootRacer Premium.
    2. Fixed registration issues.
    3. Fixed bug with executing shortcuts during startup.
    4. Updated dark theme.
    5. Fixed some scaling issues.
    1. Redesigned for Windows 11.
    2. Full Compatibility with Windows 11.
    3. Added Option for Auto Choosing Dark Mode.
    4. 2 Light and 2 Dark Themes.
    5. Fixed a lot of bugs.
    1. New: Auto Updating.
    2. New: Beta Channel.
    3. Compatible with Windows 11.
    4. Fixed security issues in the BootRacer service.
    5. Fixed bugs in Startup Control, Ultimate Services Optimizer.
    6. Rebuilt the German localization.