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  • SHA1 · b721615775e5d3dc4ee2d14a07846e8688f67558
  • SHA256 · bc92fea3c0d4023b0a57c3a77ca0dcece274c25489c96eca4a514d30382df481
• GUI improvments/changes. • Scanning Improvments. • False Positives Fixed. • Debug logging improved. • New 'Scan' Page GUI with information highlighted underneath when hovering over each scan button. • 'Scan Progress' is now listed under the scan info to show the progress of your current scan. • Scan Progress is now broken up into two stages. Stage 1 being Running Processes/Open Memory objects and User options selected inside of settings. Stage 2 being the File system scan it's self. • Registry scanning Improvments (users should see slight speed improvments with registry scanning) • 'Custom Scan' option added to scan external drives or individual folders. (User settings are disabled with this option except for VirusTotal Analysis) • 'Full Scan' option added. (User settings are enabled with this option) • 'Threat Scan' has replaced the old default scanning option. (User settings are enabled with this option) • Scanning has been improved to be more indepth (Users may or may not see an increase in scan times on some systems because of this) • Added a 'Scan again' button after a scan has finished. (This will bring you back to the Scan Page and allow you to pick another scan option) • The 'About' button has been moved to the settings page. • Users can now save their licensing information from the 'User Panel' or 'My Account' Page.