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2.0.80 33.54 MB 6,069
  • MD5 · aa71b44b96c0ca12b0f67ee4f014b802
  • SHA1 · 91e5cfe874f33be6fdc25bf2005414da97848de8
  • SHA256 · 08cd6a762ec1d069d3bccd58f7d4540d85330ab81918702f29292f8104cc56ea
Fixed a bug that caused some users to not have an exception for system traffic in Windows Firewall. Removed the dependency for the wlanapi.dll for Windows Server customers. Improved the speed of detection of changes to the Windows Hosts file. Made changes to help avoid Windows Defender trojan false positive alerts due to firewall changes. When the GlassWire mini viewer is clicked it will now open the main GlassWire window. GlassWire's window position and size are now remembered between reboots. Fixed a bug with the remote server monitor user interface left panel.