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    RDP detection - GlassWire now detects remote desktop connections to your Windows PCs or servers. Search - You can now search GlassWire's firewall tab for different apps. Fixed a bug with French translations, and fixed a bug that could cause a false positive with Windows Defender due to a Windows Firewall API block (made by the user) of the Windows Defender executable.

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    RDP detection - GlassWire now detects remote desktop connections to your Windows PCs or servers. Search - You can now search GlassWire's firewall tab for different apps. Bug fixes and improvements.

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    Incognito apps! Now you can set any GlassWire app to Incognito mode. To do so go to the GlassWire Firewall tab, then click the app's icon, then choose "more" then "Incognito". Now that app's host/data info is no longer logged by GlassWire. Fixed translation problems with French and German translations. Fixed an issue where GlassWire's window would change size for some users. Fixed an issue that could cause GlassWire's UI to crash. Other bug fixes and optimizations.

  • Now you can see ports on our firewall tab, plus see connected hosts in "new" alerts!

  • A new dark theme, plus new detailed host info! See detailed information about the hosts that are interacting with your PC.

  • Go to GlassWire's settings to change your font size, due to popular demand.

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    • Have you ever seen unusual activity with an executable, but found it difficult to open up the location of that executable? Now you can click the three dot menu next to the file path to open the location of the executable within Windows.
    • Do you sometimes Google host names or file names to try to find more information about them? We do. Now you can choose "search online" after clicking the three dot menu that's listed after a host name (or file name) to search for more information.
    • GlassWire's EULA and privacy policy were both updated for the GDPR. Your network activity and data usage information never leaves your device. Our company has never been able to see your network activity or app usage, and the GlassWire app does not collect your personal information.
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    • Column sorting has finally arrived! Mouse over columns under GlassWire’s Firewall, Things, or different host and app tabs to sort between hosts, apps, and bandwidth usage.
    • GlassWire firewall list entries are now highlighted so it’s easy to line up file analysis results with apps under GlassWire’s Firewall tab.
    • It’s now very easy to remove all your inactive apps at once in the GlassWire Firewall tab. Go to your inactive apps, then mouse over the inactive apps row and click the X to delete all your inactive apps at once.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some customers to have trouble activating GlassWire Basic, Pro, or Elite in some unusual circumstances.
    • Miscellaneous other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that caused GlassWire’s service to hang for some users in some unusual situations.

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    • GlassWire now has a daily data usage option with its data plan feature.
    • There is now a VirusTotal report link to allow you to easily see more details on why an app was analyzed a certain way by VirusTotal.
    • The year was added for very old alerts that are from last year, or the previous year.
    • Windows 10 snap assist is now supported again due to requests from GlassWire fans.
    • GlassWire now does a better job of supporting fractional values.
    • Many bugs were fixed due to user feedback including a bug that could make some users crash. We also fixed a bug that caused data to appear under "usage" for apps that are chosen as hidden, we fixed some scaling issues, fixed remote host sorting order along with some other host sorting problems in other GlassWire windows. Our team also fixed a bug that caused GlassWire to crash due to unusual system time changes.
    • Thanks for your help reporting problems so we can fix them and we hope you enjoy this GlassWire update!