Version Size Added on Downloads
2.0.84 33.49 MB 4,761
  • MD5 · 6d5e74bdc22626a0d658b1430611fc9a
  • SHA1 · 67eefdc01ba3763bccb378644d34e904f1bded10
  • SHA256 · 9896b80c80bcf8e8d582875d3945b022c9a53083ae2f8a9846ba834621d5cd9e
Fixed a bug that caused our "Ask to connect" mode to work incorrectly for some users. Fixed a bug that caused some users to crash when dragging GlassWire between two monitors. Made changes to GlassWire to avoid false positives from Windows Defender. Improved the upgrade process from GlassWire 1.X to GlassWire 2.X. Solved a problem where some GlassWire users could not switch on the GlassWire firewall setting. Updated the "Usage" tab so it fixes a problem that caused some GlassWire users to see incorrect usage stats. Many other fixes and improvements.