AlaTimer, with the friendly assistance of Fred Flintstone helps parents control and monitor their kids' daily internet and computer use time. Fred sets for each child a daily maximum number of minutes and a From-To time limit for Internet, or computer use. The program may be run in stealth mode and log the users’ internet activity (web-sites visited using any popular browser).

No limit to the number of children and computers that Fred is able to (remote) control on a single computer, or over your Microsoft Windows network. Using the AlaFredy utility (included in the installation) the Administrator is able to remotely configure, monitor and control the AlaTimer configuration on any of the networked computers.

Fred's icon communicates with the logged-on user, the schedules and the number of minutes used and how many minutes are left, for the day, before popping up a last one minute warning, followed by an auto logoff, shutdown or restart.

Educating your children to share a computer or to spend less time using the computer and the Internet is Fred's task. No more siblings arguments: "my turn now, you've been on it for so long, etc.". Just relax and let Fred take control, while you manage your kids' use of the computer remotely, from any computer on your home network.  

Once installed and setup with the (included) AlaFredy utility, AlaTimer will automatically start-up each time your child (set as a standard Windows user) will log into Windows.

Hover the mouse over Fred’s icon and your child will find how many minutes have been used and how many more are left. One minute before the time limit expires, AlaTimer will display a message prompting the user to save his/her work. Once this last minute has expired, AlaTimer will close Windows and take the preselected action (Logoff, Shut-down, or Restart). 

A similar message will be displayed a minute before the computer use schedule expires (see AlaFredy set-up "More").

If a schedule is set for Internet access restrictions, AlaTimer will block access to any Windows browser, at any time outside the set limits. Currently, AlaTimer will block access to the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari by Apple Inc. and Opera.

Users that you have set-up for AlaTimer control will see the Fred Flintstone icon, on Windows start-up, in their "system tray" (bottom right hand screen corner).

For Standard Windows users (that is not for Administrators), AlaTimer blocks access to Windows Task Manager,to the Add or Remove Programs of Control Panel, to changing the Date and Time, to the Cmd window and to the Windows Registry editors.

A mouse left button click on Fredy's icon will display the About window and a mouse right click will display the scheduled hours for Computer use and/or for Internet use. If "More" schedules have not been set, or if these were set to "All day", a mouse right click will display the minutes used and minutes remaining for the day.

This is a shareware program, allowing full free use during 30 days. Once the evaluation period expires you will be receiving notifications, but the software will continue to run, only that it will remind you occasionally to register.

AlaTimer is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8,1 and will run on 32 or 64 bit operating systems.


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