1. Compatibility with Windows 11 2023H2.
    2. Fixed issue with not working Pause Updates.
    3. Fixed issues with Updates Guard.
    1. Added blocking services: PushToInstall, Bits, DoSvc.
      The PushToInstall service automatically restores the Windows Update service after installing update KB5026372.
    2. Fixed bugs with user-defined services in the Updates Guard service.
    1. Fixed the bug preventing using the "Stay on the Current Feature Update" feature for 20H2 and the newest builds.
    2. Added the Simplified Chinese translation.
    1. Automatically delete downloaded updates pending to install (SoftwareDistribution/Download).
    2. Fixed the security issues in the Updates Guard service.
    1. New: blocking Windows 11 upgrade full screen ads.
    2. Compatibility with latest Windows 11 (21H2), Windows 10.
    1. Compatibility with Windows 11 (Build:22000), Windows 10 (21H1).
    2. New: block feature updates using TargetReleaseVersionInfo Windows policy.
    3. Fixed the bug in SU10Guard service: "A timeout was reached while waiting for the SU10Guard service to connect". Now SU10Guard will start its starts as delayed. But pay attention that the status of StopUpdates Guard in the main program will be shown as "disabled" until the service starts. Usually, the service starts within two minutes after boot.
    4. Command-line option: "/disable" is available only in the Premium version because of using it by malware.
    5. New Premium option: Hide Promo. It hides the promo offers.
    • Added Turkish translation.
    • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japan, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian.
    • Fixed small bugs.
  • 3.0.100 · StopUpdates10 3.0

    • New feature: Double Protection Service Settings (via registry permissions and using Updates Guard).
    • Disable Additional Services (selected by a user).
    • Disabled service: USOSVC.
    • New: Premium version.
    • Pause or resume updates using a command line.
    • Blocked new process: WaasMedicAgent.exe.
    • Removed blocking for dismHost.exe, because of issues with normal work of DISM.
  • 2.5.61 · StopUpdates10

    • Added Catalan translation.
    • Updated Japanese translation.
    • Fixed small bugs.